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Proposed Project: Pedestrian/Bike Bridge PDF Print E-mail

One of the purposes of CPCD is to facilitate revitalization and economic development of Canal Point. Revitalization of the downtown area is a goal. The vision includes rebuilding retail stores, adding a boardwalk and improved fishing facility on the canal, and tying it all together with Triangle Park under good lighting and other security measures deemed necessary.

Recently, the Office of Community Revitalization has suggested going after grant funding currently available that can only be used on transportation projects. To get the ball on the larger project rolling, they proposed a pedestrian/bike bridge over the L10 Canal for a convenient and safe way for residents to access the downtown area and for children to go to school or walk to the Community Building park from school. 

Please note this idea came from a Canal Point visioning session many years ago. Even if approved, funding will not be available for 5 years. We need to know how, or if, the community feels this project fits into the long-term plans for Canal Point. The exact location of the bridge is currently TBD.